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Why Donate?

Donations are greatly appreciated and can help us improve, expand, and reach more people. We want to be open with what your donations are being used for. We do not support companies who waste donations on ridiculous luxury items and products that you are supposed to work hard to get, not sit around and steal from people. Our goal is simple and obvious: to help people quit their bad vaping habbits.

Please read more about our goals by scrolling down and clicking the "About Us" button.

Here is a list of what donations will be used for:

- Paying experts to create graphical images, audio, and videos.
- Paying to host the website and keep the domain.
- Advertising to get the word out so we can attract more people to help.
- Training, developing, and learning other skills to support the cause.
- Donating to homeless and the poor is something that we want to dedicate a portion of the money to.

Crypto: We can accept donations in crypto currencies. Most people use Coinbase.com to send crypto.

BTC Address: 3KSZzwC8N9JLXUd2uCdaqgTRWqUqctTZm2

BCH Address: qrlve2s8psj8wqs3u4r5092x6lhxu6ftf5lcu0szxs

ETH Address: 0xcA085b1d5A1da0b50A4Bf8eab308F21a4C70b7ca

ETC Address: 0xcce3158D268D2A31911A8Eedf3c99e49b1d2021C

LTC Address: MLhwm13YL9sRi8YaEkiP87gN1CP5eQeBGy

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BAT Address: 0x5C868b75Fe93883a36d9675e2C2f4f876d43aEC1

ZEC Address: t1bSGHZ3qJkHpyzxYPBzdEQ4ReaFVKPQpWS

DAI Address: 0x3C55C0106003a089771a362FCB7504b1986Aa5E9

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