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The main issue seen would be the majority of youth spreading misinformation willingly and some unknowingly. Countless people have stated that there are no side-effects, possible health complications, or whatever excuse they can find to justify the continuation of their vices. In theory, vaping is supposed to be "healthier" or less unhealthy than smoking alternatives. It's like comparing a diet soda to a regular soda. Diet is slightly less bad for you, but still bad for you in different ways.

The issue arrises when you look at the actual vaping habbits of people who use vape pens/etc. Countless people will repeatedly use their vape each minute until the cartridge runs out. It can be on for long periods of time, sometimes 24/7, so it's a ready temptation at any moment of time. Vaping isn't healthier or less healthy than actually smoking because most smokers can't sit there for hours on end, while vapers can huff and puff for hours after a pack of cigarettes run out.

Another big issue lies within the blatant appeal and marketing to young people despite it being against the law. When was the last time you saw the average smoker ask to get a candy fruit tart diabetes whatever cigarette? The last time I checked, if you go into any vape shop, you can see an army of vape cartriges with names and tastes of a bakery or candy store. It's purposely made to be appealing to children.

I personally have never even seen an adult vaping. Don't percieve it as an insult, I wouldn't look down or care if I saw an adult vaping, especially since they are the only ones supposed to be vaping. This site is not ran by social justice warriors or moms that want to ban video games, we are here to point out that children that vape are not being tricked or manipulated into vaping, they are basically being enticed and marketed to directly.

If you want to read more, check out the side effects page. It consists of side effects that I gathered from online and other people who vaped.

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